Masterclass IT sourcing

Find the perfect IT professionals and developers without LinkedIn.

But how? And where to start. Let's continue to search on LinkedIn for a while. Just like every other recruiter.

STOP If you always do the same thing you've always done, don't expect a different outcome. 

After attending this Masterclass, you can confidently search outside the beaten path of LinkedIn. Don't miss this.

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Masterclass IT Sourcing

If I ask an average IT recruiter. Where do you source primarily, the answer is often LinkedIn. What else? LinkedIn is a great place to search for developers or IT professionals. Not every IT professional is active on LinkedIn or has their InMail redirected to the digital archive 😉 .

This Masterclass is a real addition to learning how to source outside of LinkedIn.

  • You will learn IT terms and their correlation in order to be a better partner in conversation.
  • Learn X-ray searching on almost every platform and the know-how to apply it yourself.
  • A lot of recruiters say I didn't know there was so much possible outside of LinkedIn.
  • With new tips & tricks that competitors don't want you to know.
  • Discover the power of the know-how in your business by getting direct access for 30 days.

Attended a great masterclass in IT sourcing! Was well explained, great tips and tricks.


Saskia - Zig

Finally a masterclass with real new insights and tricks that you can apply immediately. 


Luuk -Xebia

I received many tips and tricks I can use daily. After this Masterclass, I'm able to do some searches more efficient. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marieke - TTR

Straight to the source

It still strikes me that IT recruiters or recruiters who sometimes fill IT jobs know nothing about outside of LinkedIn. There really is a world opening up to you.

Make sure you know where developers are gathering online. Get out of your LinkedIn bubble and know what else is out there. I'm going to explain StackOverflow, GitHub, MeetUp, Reddit and many other sources, among others.

What can you do with them and how to properly sourced there. And learn (even if only a little) the language of developers and IT people.

Know how to reach IT professionals

How can you reach IT pro's? By standing out positively, for example. Put time and effort into researching them thoroughly. Read the LinkedIn profile and see where else they are active. You're going to learn to look further, without taking a whole lot of extra time.

And did you know that many IT people have a negative association with InMails and recruiters? Oh, but how do you find a personal email from almost every IT person? I teach you that too. Entirely GDPR proof, sure. 

The goal is to find more and better suitable candidates for your vacancy. And that you reach them too.

Tips & Tricks

For over 15 years I have recruited developers & IT professionals, for large and smaller organizations. I share all these tips and tricks with you.

What works and what doesn't (anymore). 

You'll also learn about IT terminology and handy tips and tools that make your life easier as a technical IT recruiter.

Free tools

We will share free tools with you. A lot of new stuff that will blow your mind. For example:

  • Tools that will find available candidates
  • Tools that will rank developers for you
  • Tools that will discover unknown IT people for you

And a lot more. New websites where you can find people that you are looking for.

Temporary bonus

The memberships are coming. And we don't want to let you wait for all the great content. 
If you buy at least two masterclasses, you will receive a lifetime discount of 50% on the membership.

This Masterclass is very educational and contains many applicable tips & tricks.

Laura -

A very interesting and instructive masterclass followed. Useful tips & tricks that are shared.

Vince - Whoohoo


I got the chance to sharpen my skill and pick up a few new ones along the way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ana - Frontwise

FAQ online masterclass

Do I need specific software?

The masterclasses are viewable on a web browser. We strongly recommend that you use the Chrome browser.

Do I need to participate in masterclasses at specific times?

The masterclasses have already been recorded. As a result, you may engage whenever and wherever you wish. You will also have immediate access.

How long can I watch my masterclass?

After purchasing the masterclass, you will have access to it for at least 30 days. As a member, you get access to all masterclasses for the duration of your membership.

Are subtitles available in the masterclass recordings?

Yes, all masterclasses have English subtitles. Other languages may be added based on demand.

Can I receive a certificate?

Yes, as a member, you can participate in specific certification programs.

How can I pay for the masterclass or the membership?

To make a payment, click the "Sign up" button, and you will be brought to the payment page, where you must enter your credit card or PayPal information.

Where can I contact for help?

As part of the masterclass, you will receive assistance based on your best efforts. You will be granted access to a portion of the community. As a member, you will receive Q&A assistance for the duration of your membership.

There is no membership available right now.

That's an excellent point. We are currently striving to establish a membership. When we establish our membership plan, we would love to have you as a member. When you purchase at least two masterclasses, you will receive a 50% lifetime membership discount.

You will get a lot for a very fair price.