Corporate Sourcing Training

Corporate Sourcing Training

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    • Your team can learn 24/7, 365 days per year, wherever you want.
    • Your team will receive support as long as they are a member.
    • You will get the best price for larger teams.
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Tips & Tricks 

Learn how to master sourcing the easy way.

Okay, there is sourcing training and there is sourcing training. Learn how to master sourcing the easy way. Let your team thrive with great candidates. This sourcing training is what you have been waiting for.

The membership will keep your team up to date with the latest tips & tricks.


24/7 available

You don't have to wait for the training; it is there.

All the masterclasses are pre-recorded, waiting for your team to see them. Step-by-step. With simple slides. It's easy to understand. As long as you have a company membership.

And every month, a live webinar where we invite other inspiring trainers. 



For recruiters by recruiters

What if your team could ask any question they wanted to ask and people would help them? As part of the corporate membership, there is also a community.

A place where they can share information, ask questions, answer questions, and get the latest news at their fingertips.

Wow, you have to love this. Aren't you?

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